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The hydro dam keeps electric rates low with generated power from the Mississippi River.

Hydro Dam Relicensing

On February 28, 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the Brainerd Dam, owned by Brainerd Public Utilities (BPU), will expire. BPU has already begun to plan for relicensing, which will take approximately 5 years.

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Notice of Intent – Brainerd Hydroelectric Project – FERC Project 2533  »

Pre-Application Document – Brainerd Hydroelectric Project – FERC Project 2533  »

FERC Scoping Document 1 for the Brainerd Hydroelectric Project  »

FERC Scoping Document 2 for the Brainerd Hydroelectric Project  »

RLIC Revised Study Plan 12/10/2018  »

2020-01-24 Barr – Initial Study Report  »

2020 02 10 – Barr -ISR Meeting Notes  » 

2020 04 10 – BPU – Response to Agency Comments on ISR_FERC – Public

Brainerd-Hydro-DLA-Public  » 

Brainerd Hydroelectric Project Final License App-Public-Interested Party  »

2021-07-21 – RLIC – Brainerd Hydroelectric Project FLA Revised Public  »

Consultation Letters

2020 03 09 – SHPO – RLIC ISR Comments

2020 03 06 – FERC – RLIC Staff Comments on the ISR and ISR Meeting Summary

Proposed Study Plan – Interested Stakeholder

Meeting Notes – 09/11/2018

MPCA comments on PAD

MDNR comments on PAD

FERC comments on PAD

EPA PAD Comments

Public Meeting Transcript

Public Meeting Day Transcript

Comments on pre-filing from Cheyenne and Arapaho THPO

Lower Sioux Indian Community Response Letter


FECR Motion to Intervene Dismissed

Tribal Consultation

Motion to Intervene of Allente

Letter Relicensing

Letter Consultation with Trives for the Brainerd Hydro Project

Relicensing Consultation with Tribes