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Having Trouble Paying Your Utility Bill?

If you can’t pay your utility bill and are in disconnect status, there are several agencies that can help you pay your electric bill.  There are very few agencies that will pay water and sewer charges.  If you are behind on those charges, you will have to make an arrangement by calling 825-3223, to ensure that your water is not shut off.

Following is a list of local agencies that can help pay your utility bill:

Minnesota Cold Weather Rule

The MN Cold Weather Rule does not forbid all winter disconnections.  If you receive a Notice of Proposed Disconnection this winter, you must act immediately.  If your heat is not affected by having your electric shut off, you are not protected by the MN Cold Weather Rule.

The MN Cold Weather Rule was established to protect residential customers from electrical service disconnection between October 1 through April 30.  Cold Weather Rule protection is available if all of the following conditions exist:

  • The disconnection would affect your main heating source.
  • Your household meets Cold Weather Rule payment plan guidelines.
  • You and Brainerd Public Utilities agree to a payment plan.

If you receive any form of public assistance, including energy assistance, between October 1 and April 30, you are eligible for Cold Weather Rule Protection.

Please click here for complete MN Cold Weather Protection Rule

Medical Protection Plan

Customers may apply to Brainerd Public Utilities (BPU) for protection against termination of his or her electric service because he/she, or someone within the household, is suffering from a serious illness or life threatening condition. In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 216B.098, BPU may enroll you in our medical protection plan provided you have your registered physician certify in writing that our customer, or someone in the household, is suffering from a serious illness or a life threatening condition.

Please click here to complete  Physician’s Certification of Illness form