Water Department

Brainerd’s water filtration plant treats approximately 1.35 million gallons per day. The plant removes iron and manganese from the water, which is pumped out of six wells that were drilled near the facility. We are able to achieve 95 percent removal of those minerals which helps to improve the taste and appearance of the water. After filtration, the water is pumped to the three water towers and distribution system and ultimately to customer’s taps.


All rates are effective December 1, 2023, unless otherwise noted.

Commercial water customers will be subject to Minnesota sales tax.

3/4 inch $19.30 $20.11
1 inch $49.70 $50.51
1 1/2 inch $73.90 $74.71
2 inch $127.80 $128.61
3 inch $230.10 $230.91
4 inch $345.10 $345.91
6 inch $551.00 $551.81
8 inch $968.40 $969.21

Each water customer will be charged a monthly service charge, according to the size of their water meter. The monthly service charge is billed even if there is no water consumption, unless the water is shut off by BPU personnel. In addition to the monthly water service charge, each customer is billed a commodity charge of $4.10 per 1,000 gallons of water used. If a customer’s service is outside the city limits, the customer is charged 200% for both the service and commodity charge.

Safe Drinking Water Fee

A $0.81 water service connection fee is included in each monthly service charge.  The drinking water service connection fee was established in 1993, by the Minnesota Department of Health, to help fund program activities related to compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Copper in Your Drinking Water.

Brainerd Public Utilities has found elevated levels of copper in the drinking water in some areas of our service district.
Click here for more information about what you as a customer can do to reduce copper in your drinking water.

Chlorination of City Water Supply

Brainerd Public Utilities began chlorinating its water supply on August 11, 2023 following the guidelines put forth by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) for reducing contaminates. The MDH recommends chlorination continue until a residual of .2 free mg/l is detected throughout the BPU’s water distribution system.

Non-Fluoridated Tap: Closed

Due to safety concerns, Brainerd Public Utilities will no longer be providing customers with non-fluoridated water at the Central Station location (August 11, 2023).